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A Short History of the ATM
An ATM, or Automated Teller Machine, is a computerized device that allows customers of a financial institution to perform transactions, such as withdrawing cash, checking their account balance, or depositing money, without the need for a teller or other bank representative. ATMs are typically found in convenient locations such as banks, grocery stores, and gas stations. Some ATMs can also perform more advanced transactions, such as account transfers and bill payments.
Sometimes redundantly called and ATM machine (the M stands for machine) similar to how PIN Numbers are (the N stands for number already).

pin number schitts creek
ATMs are mostly used to take out cash and check balances. Many physical bank locations have an ATM in their drive-up or attached to the building. Grocery stores are another common location to find an ATM.
The ATM Industry Association claims there are around 3.5 million ATMs worldwide.
Aruably, The first ATM (though it did not dispense money, it accepted it) was invented by Luther Simjian in 1960. His US patent was applied for in 1960 and granted in 1963.
A UK patent was granted to Adrian Ashfield in 1962 for a card sytem that could securely identify users. In 1969 Chemical bank (now known as that tiny business... JPMorgan Chase :X) placed a test ATM at their Rockville Center New York location.
Random, possibly interesting to some, ATM facts
The world's highest altitude ATM is in Pakistan at 15,000+ feet.
Some countries have installed solar-powered ATMs
There are around 1 ATM for every 3,000 people on earth.
ADA guidelines now require voice-activation and navigation for ATMs.
Most ATMs now use Microsoft Windows to run their software on. Over 95% in fact.
Many ATMs now allow for cryptocurrency transactions. Even during crypto winters :)
Some allow fo pre-paid cell phone and phone card purchases, concert tickets, and somewhat ironically lottery ticket purchases from a banking tool :)

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Since you are already looking for an ATM, we can only assume you know what one is, but if somehow you have found your way here and do not know what one is, if not, please read the short description above :)